01 August 2019 /

How 5 brands thank their trade to celebrate a milestone anniversary

Author: Lara Doherty

For brands, their retail and on-trade partners are often contributory to them having longevity, providing them with ready-made access to their consumer.

We turn 20 this year and it has been an opportunity for us to look back, reflect and acknowledge the people who made it happen.

But do brands recognise their trade partners at key milestones? If so, how do they thank and acknowledge the role they have played in them reaching a landmark anniversary?

Here’s how 5 iconic names in food and drink chose to do it.

1. Heinz recognises the value of a trade partner with an exclusive, limited edition product

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Heinz gave tribute to the role Fortnum & Mason played in the brand’s rise to grace.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Heinz gave tribute to the role Fortnum & Mason played in the brand’s rise to grace.

Back in 1886, Fortnum & Mason became the first UK stockist of Heinz varieties and to recognise this, Heinz ran limited edition labels across its 3 much loved products using the infamous Fortnum & Mason Eu de Nil blue colour, including tributes to the store founders too.

The products were exclusively sold at Fortnum & Mason both in-store and online.

Its association with the iconic retailer invariably bolstered Heinz’s brand reputation, yet it re-told well its brand heritage, while also adding to Fortnum & Mason sales.

2. Walkers rewards retailer support with a shop re-fit

When Walkers turned 70 last year, they celebrated by launching 6 new flavours inspired by yesteryear iconic dishes.

An associated retailer competition acknowledged the role local convenience stores have had in Walkers becoming the Nation’s favourite crisp.

Convenience stores could upload a picture of their in-store Walkers 70th birthday displays to be in with a chance to win a store make-over and Walkers birthday party for the local community.

The competition encouraged a more widespread and effective roll out of the campaign in-store, yet it also helped its trade to increase their crisps sales, boost their footfall and have a re-fit to boot.

3. Spar UK celebrates retailer loyalty and contribution with a celebratory party

When Spar UK celebrated its 60th anniversary, they invited their wholesalers, suppliers and retailers, along with their families, to a good, old fashioned celebratory party.

Hosted by TV’s Angela Scanlon, the party included music, a banquet, retailer prizes (ranging from a car to a £12k diamond ring) and opportunities throughout the eve to raise money for Marie Curie, the company’s nominated charity. Three retailing families who had been with Spar since its start were also awarded.

Spar UK organised the party to acknowledge the commitment, hard work and entrepreneurship that their retailers and partners give, which has allowed them to not only reach such a landmark birthday but also to become a leading convenience retailer in the UK.

4. Fosters drives footfall for on-trade partners with exclusive promotions

As part of Fosters 125th anniversary celebrations, brewer Heineken bought back bar games from the 1800.

Fosters vintage bar games ran exclusively in over 5,000 bars across the UK, with drinkers also being given a scratch card for the chance to win an assortment of back in the day games, such as poker dice.

While this promotion did form part of their overall “back to heritage” campaign, it did reward their on-trade partners nevertheless, as the exclusivity of the promotion allowed them to drive their sales by helping to increase the length of time drinkers spent in the outlets.

5. Bacardi turn to their bar trade to re-design the new Bacardi bottle

To celebrate Bacardi’s 153rd anniversary, the renowned rum worked with mixologists and bartenders from across the globe to help them design their new iconic Barcardi bottle.

As bartenders have been key to the legacy of Bacardi, the brand wanted them to also play a pivotal role in the re-design of the bottle.

Guided by their comments, the new bottle is slimmer, with a longer neck, stronger base and more prominent label to make the bottles easier to work with behind the bar.

A master stroke in building brand advocacy in the on-trade.

If you have a landmark birthday imminent, build your trade partners into your celebratory plans. Engaging, acknowledging and recognising them will definitely help you to navigate your brand for the years ahead.