15 October 2019 /

My Design Placement by Frankie Hall

Author: Lara Doherty

Frankie joined us over the Summer on a 20 day design placement. 20 days to celebrate 20 years of Davison Williams. 20 days for us to do our bit to nurture and support the future talent that will invariably help us be around for another 20 years.

Before Frankie left for Uni, we wanted to see how she’d found the experience. Here’s what she said.

1. Describe in one sentence how your 20 day placement has been?

Uni is great for teaching me design principles, but what I’ve really enjoyed about working with the Davison Williams team is how they’ve shown me how to put that knowledge into practice. How to take the principles I’m learning and how to apply them practically to my design work.

2. What are the top 3 things you have liked about your placement?

The best thing for me has been working on real client briefs, with real deliverables. Seeing how the creative team approach a creative brief. How they research and come up with ideas. How they present the varied concepts and ideas. There’s so much more involved when responding to a brief then I thought!

I’ve also gained so much valuable advice on how to present my portfolio and how to self brand myself to stand out from other design students. Knowing that I could seek advice, and still seek advice from the team when I return to Uni, is and has been crucial for me.

I’ve also enjoyed the commute into London every day. It’s where I want to work when I finish Uni, so understanding what it’s like has been great.

3. What, if anything, will you do differently at Uni now as a result of your placement?

I will definitely be presenting my ideas and final designs more professionally from now on. I will also look more broadly at design, considering typographic options which I wouldn’t necessarily have done before working with the Davison Williams team. Thank you!

Having Frankie onboard was a real pleasure and we all wish her much luck with her continued studies. Our door is always open Frankie!