05 November 2019 /

We’re 20 years young! We’re evolving for the next 20!

Author: Will Williams

Back in 1999, I opened the doors to my agency, Davison Williams.  I was driven, ambitious and just a tiny bit scared, but honestly what I didn’t envisage was that my doors would still be open 20 years later.

Yet, today my agency is 20 years old. I’ve seen people, trends and clients come and go.  I’ve had ups. I’ve had downs. However, what I’ve enjoyed is being at the reigns and evolving my agency through the years.  And it’s time to evolve again.

The agency’s 20th anniversary has been a perfect time for me to reflect on what we do really well and where we can improve. What we offer and how we work and, more importantly, how our awesome team can serve our awesome clients even better.

The result, Davison Williams has a re-focused offer and a positioning that not only hones in on our strengths but also the benefit we bring to the brands we work with.

Our offer to food & drink brands

In short, we work with food and drink brands to help them drive stand out, trial and sales in-store, online and in the on-trade and we do that by supporting brands in 3 ways:

1. Strategically developing promotions and building partnerships that drive trial to help brands achieve the sales they need to retain those all important listings in-store or online.

2. Designing packaging to help brands build stand out, whether it’s to support a re-positioning, an introduction of a new product line or an evolution of existing packaging

3. Producing trade marketing materials, such as shelf barkers, posters, free standing units to support and help brands build awareness in-store.

We’re all about trade and shopper marketing. We have been for years. That’s our bag. And that’s  our focus.

Our evolved logo

When I opened my doors in 1999, the majority of agencies were named by merging together the surnames of the founders. While I’ve toyed with the idea of re-branding my agency over the years, particularly when “Davison” went to pursue other adventures, the heritage built in the name has always stopped me. Yet I knew the Davison Williams logo needed to work harder. So, it’s had a refresh.  

The logo has been evolved to include a strapline which means it can now stand independently when needed so it’s more easily understood across all of our channels, particularly Social.  Evolving for how we do business today.

Our new website

While working away on client work, it would be fair to say that our own website was neglected. Not uncommon for agencies, but definitely something that needed sorting.

www.davisonwilliams.com is now a website that not only reflects what we do, but also who we are, the people and personality that make up Davison Williams and make it the agency that it is to work with today.

Turning 20 has been energising. I have a great team of people. Some loyal and bold clients and an agency I’m proud of. Thank you. Here’s to the next 20!