18 December 2019 /

When does Christmas packaging work? Here are 3 examples of our Festive fav’s

Author: Lara Doherty

Decorations. Festive tunes. Seasonal products. It’s Christmas!

Many brands celebrate the festive season with a special edition. A limited period, Christmas themed pack that brightens our trolley. But why do brands choose to introduce such packaging, when ultimately it will only stay on shelf for just a few weeks? Is it really cost-effective?

Christmas packaging must reinforce your brand

For Christmas themed packaging to work, it needs to reinforce a brands overall message that shoppers have heard throughout the year.

Christmas packaging must tap into emotion

It also needs to tap into the emotion of Christmas and the importance that many people often place on the season.

If your brand and product can deliver on these two points, then the investment of time and effort to create seasonal packaging with a short life span can, for sure, prove beneficial for driving demand, generating new customers and delivering incremental sales.

Here are 3 of our fav Christmas editions.

1. Christmas Deserves Lurpak

Lurpak lives by “If there are cooks, there’s hope.” This is the brand message that all their activity runs off throughout the whole year.

Lurpak’s Christmas packaging taps in perfectly to the emotion of the Christmas dinner. The mince pie fest. The gingerbread bake-off. It appeals to all the everyday cooks out there who want to do themselves and their family proud with the best Christmas day spread. EVER.

The festive campaign line “Christmas Deserves Lurpak” cleverly plugs in to the shopper’s emotion of it being their time to shine.  It interrupts them at point of sale by saying – “Stop, Christmas deserves an upgrade from the normal butter you buy throughout the year.”

If you also see it alongside their supporting social content, for Lurpak, the investment makes sense.

2. Tropicana – live your best Christmas morning

Tropicana’s overall brand message is “Life in Every Drop” and their festive themed packaging builds perfectly on the emotion placed on Christmas morning. It appeals to people’s excitement of it being the BEST morning of the year and in them wanting to start it in the best way possible.

For some, it may mean a cheeky buzz fizz, for others it may be the one day of the year the family sit together for breakfast. Either way, the themed packaging, across the entire range, provides festive charm to any Christmas table.  

Their social content supports this too, so for Tropicana, the investment works.

3. Hellmann’s – We’re on the side of food

Hellmann’s lives by “We’re on the side of food” and although the brand isn’t running their festive edition this year, in previous years it has appealed well to the Boxing Day tradition of leftovers.

Hellmann’s know that mayonnaise will be a part of people’s buffet tables or leftover Boxing Day dinners and wants to be the brand of choice for that festive table. The Christmas themed packaging stands out on shelf to shoppers and proudly says “Make the most of your Christmas leftover food.”

Festive packaging is not for every brand and it shouldn’t be done on a whim, however if it delivers on your brand message and can tap into shopper emotions, it can make your profits merry and bright for the festive period.