12 February 2020 /

How can 400,000 people worldwide be wrong?

Author: Lara Doherty

Our agency “veganuaries” verdict on The VeganKind Box  

With the new year upon us, some of us here at Davison Williams decided on a new challenge. To sign up for Veganuary, along with a reported 400,000 other people worldwide in 2020.

The goodies in The VeganKind subscription box

Inspired by our challenge, the powers-that-be signed up to @thevegankind, an awesome subscription box that delivers vegan treats directly to our desks, helping us to see what’s on offer.

Here’s what 2 of our Veganuary sign-ups thought of the box.

Paul – Design Whizz

“I was surprised by the range of products included.”

The @thevegankind box helped me to see what types of snacks and treats were now available to me. I was surprised by the variety and that there was a mix of well-known brands e.g. Kettle Crisps alongside lesser known vegan-only start-up brands. It definitely highlighted to me that the shift to veganism is becoming more mainstream. Nevertheless, without the box, I probably wouldn’t have come across these products and tried them. So, thank you!

Winning product 8/10

Native Popped Lotus Seeds – tasted great, full of flavour but quite light so felt healthy-ish. Didn’t taste like I was eating a “vegan alternative”.

Lara – Client guru

“It helped me know where I could buy vegan products”

I was weary about whether flavour and taste would suffer with vegan products and @thevegankind box helped to prove me wrong. The 4 sweet treats in the box were just as delicious as my normal treats.  I also liked that a recipe card was included in the box.  It’s a mind shift going vegan, so help with knowing what I can make for myself at home was a godsend.  

Without the box, I wouldn’t necessarily have known where to buy the goodies. I hope to see the products become more readily available.

Winning product 9/10

Huug Hazelenut Praline Bar – deliciousness in every way! The bar removed any fear I had about reduced taste in vegan alternatives. I also like that the packaging is sustainable – it’s an all round good product.

Fast food giants, food on-the-go outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs – they are all starting to tap into the growth of Veganism. Offers such as @theVeganKind help to provide more info on how vegan snacks can become readily part of your diet. We’re looking forward to our next box! Thank you.