31 March 2020 /

Bolstering For Aisha’s e-commerce website

Author: Lara Doherty

Within the space of a few short weeks, we have seen the benefits that being small can bring in a crisis. Fast actions. Budgets diverted quickly. Changes pushed live promptly. This is exactly how one of our clients has responded to the current climate and new ways of working.

Like many challenger brands, the focus until a month or so ago was on bricks & mortar listings. Fast forward to today and we’ve seen a full pivot, with brand e-commerce websites now proving so important.

In the space of just two weeks, ‘For Aisha’ has seen an extraordinary 615% increase in online sales, it’s a surge in demand that could not have been forecasted.

We have worked with For Aisha to add ‘Free Delivery’ call-outs on the homepage, quick-links to the shopping basket, new guest shopper features and a shopper referral initiative. Small changes to help ‘For Aisha’ secure their customer sales and respond to new shopper demands.

Who knows what challenges will be next, but for now, it’s amazing to see the support shoppers have shown a smaller independent business and we look forward to continuing to support ‘For Aisha’ as they navigate their way through these challenging times.