No1 Botanicals

Hitting refresh. The new No1 Botanicals website

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  • Website Design & Build

We didn’t have to look too far for inspiration when it came to designing and building the No1 Botanicals website. For a brand that celebrates ‘the wonders of nature in drinkable form’, simplicity was key – letting the product shine, naturally.

Led by the brand’s now well-established look and feel, we have created an eCommerce website that embraces boldness through restraint. By using clear space alongside a limited colour palette, we were able to mirror and amplify the product’s unique attributes – clarity, freshness, vibrancy and purity.

Enhancing the user experience was a key part of our focus, and so the structure of the website has undergone a complete overhaul – with ease of navigation a central theme throughout. The Shopify-powered shopping journey is now much smoother, with clear signposting and fluid paths to purchase.

On the homepage, our new key visual flies the flag for our creative thinking, with its striking use of negative space further testament to the brand’s clean and dynamic design.

All in all, another No1 Botanicals project to be proud of – and we’re thirsty for more.

+ 62.5 %

Increase in sales revenue

+ 34 %

Increase in New Users

+ 14.8 %

Average Order Value