Tom Savano

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Tom Savano Cocktails is on a daring mission to revolutionise the way we experience cocktails. Determined to bring the world of high-end mixology right into the heart of today’s consumer lifestyle they are seizing the opportunities presented by shifting trends in alcohol consumption.

We were approached by the founder, James Kerslake, to deliver a range of premium-styled packaging design that would evoke a feeling of escapism – a sense of being whisked away to extraordinary places.



In our search to create something truly ownable and unique, we explored and presented a multitude of concepts. But it was our “Sunglasses – window into another world” concept that truly answered the brief. Our idea invites you to peer through the lenses of your imagination and transport yourself to a realm where taste knows no boundaries.



Together with our strapline, “Here’s to the Journey,” we have sought to capture the contagious optimism that defines the Tom Savano brand.

Today, you can find Tom Savano cocktails gracing the shelves of renowned high street retailers, including the likes of John Lewis and Liberty of London. The brand can also be found on Eurostar, Virgin Atlantic and Princess Cruises, as well as The Ambassador Theatre Group.


Since the beginning of our journey, the one consistent praise we hear time and time again is that our branding is exceptional. I have no doubts that the quality of our pack designs, and the emotions evoked through the sunglass and travel destination designs have been top of the reasons why we have gained the first class listings we have, and a huge part of why our brand has come so far. Having a visually striking way to tell our story, and stand out in a crowded marketplace has been crucial for us.

James Kerslake, Founder, Tom Savano