Abol Coffee

Identity inspired by Ethiopian Ceremony

  • Brand Identity

  • Packaging Design

Abol is an exciting new start-up with an innovative and convenient product – filtered coffee in a bag made from the finest Ethiopian beans.

We were briefed to create a unique identity and packaging that would reflect the quality, premium nature of the product.



Drawing on the brand’s provenance, we created a stylish logo design that represents the three cups of coffee served during a traditional Ethiopian Ceremony, using tints to symbolise the different strengths of each cup from the strongest, known as Abol, to the weakest.

Our packaging design solution is clean and simple, featuring gold foil set against an earthy colour palette – representing the coffee’s African origins.

We have enjoyed helping to bring this new brand to life and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


I have found the team at Davison Williams to be thoroughly professional and talented. I was amazed by their in-depth research on my product which enabled them to come up with an incredible array of designs for my brand identity and packaging; in the end I was left with a difficult choice to make as every design had its unique encapsulation of my product.

Founder, Abol Coffee